Jan 1, 2010

Chillaxing and Resolving ...

I've been taking things really easy the last few weeks. I've been on vacation from work for the last 2 weeks. I haven't been reading any philosophy nor theology books. I've just been hanging out with friends and family, watching sports, and playing video games. Oh, and I did some coding on Zend Framework - an open-source project to which I contribute.

I still have some bouts of existential funk every once in a while, but I'm able to go with it, without feeling like I have to "solve" it. My spiritual life is not quite back to where it was - haven't resumed my daily office; haven't strongly "felt" God leading or guiding my daily walk. I know, in my mind, that He is and is with me, but I don't "feel" Him as prevalently. I've also missed Mass a couple times, and I've been struggling with some impure thoughts like I've not had in months. I need to make Confession again soon. And I think I'll also schedule another appointment with the psychiatrist.

My appetite and sleep are back to normal without any medication; I took sleeping medicine for a few nights, and anti-depressants for a couple weeks. I think that spell really helped my reset back to baseline - physiologically at least. I quit the anti-depressants about 2 weeks ago. To be honest, one of my motivators for quitting the anti-dep's was so I could go back to drinking my beer. ;) I still need to get back into my exercise routine - haven't run nor worked out in a month!

And that reminds me I meant to make some New Year's resolutions, so here we go:

  • Run 250 miles

  • Add 10 lbs of muscle; stay around 10% body fat

  • Finish worthub.com; get 50 users.

  • Design and implement Zend_Rest 2.0

  • Save $4000 for Clover's education

I think that's a manageable list for now. Some physical, some web coding, and an important family goal.


Matt said...

I love how measurable and actionable your New Years resolutions are. It's inspiring really. I feel I should probably do the same and just for some accountability, I'll do it here...

1. Lose 20lbs
2. Run 400 miles
3. Become professionally certified (Certified Internal Auditor or Certified Property Manager)*
4. Read 12 books I have not read before
5. Commit 1% of my waking hours to charity (only 1 hour/week really
6. Save $2,000.00

That's more than enough I think. I am really serious about them, especially the charity time. I'm already nervous, though. It never sounds like much until you are asked to do it.

Saint said...

I advise against volunteering at an animal shelter, Hed. Just keep that in mind when you're thinking of volunteering, ha.

And glad that you're back on track, Luke.

Michelle said...

How are things going, Luke? Hope you are finding yourself able to "chillax"!

My (very few) goals are:

1. Read the entire (Catholic) Bible before the baby comes
2. Have my baby :)
3. Run a 5k before the year is out (but I won't be too sad if this doesn't happen...maybe I should put "get back to pre-pregnancy weight before the year is out!)

luke said...

Thanks Michelle. Doing much better these days. You should go for a 5k. If you breast-feed you're supposed to keep an extra 8lbs or so I think. But doing a 5k is a good healthy goal anyway! :)

Anonymous said...
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